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Monday, 25 July 2016

PRP "Vampire Facial" with Dr Gabriela of Harley Street

I was invited to see Dr Gabriela Mercik at Harley Street to be a model for the Angel PRP Facial.  PRP facial is a non surgical procedure for the skin that is formulated from your own blood.  Blood is taken just the same way as a blood test and then taken to the Angel machine to separate the plasma containing platelets.  This plasma/serum is injected back into the face or body to stimulate cells to renew tissue and to stimulate new collagen to plump and rejuvenate skin.

A thick layer of numbing cream is used, the area is sanitised and the injections are really fast.   I had my checks, under eyes and around my mouth areas injected.  After the procedure a specially formulated Molecular Water serum was applied to heal and moisturise and then an advanced molecular facial mask containing apple stem cells was placed onto my face to cool, nourish, calm and hydrate.  This mask also encouraged my skin to absorb the molecular water serum quickly and effectively.  This cutting edge molecular water range of skincare products are exclusively only from Dr Gabriela and cannot be copied. I took a peek in the mirror afterwards and was pleased to see that my skin already looked plump with a healthy glow. These effects continued to increase over days and weeks, giving my skin a youthful look.

Depending on the patient's skin and for on-going and optimum results, it is recommended that 1-3 facials are carried out within a 6 week gap. Results last up to 18 months and top up maintenance treatments guarantee on-going effects.
Dr Gabriela is an expert in aesthetic injectables and PDO threads as well as fat reduction, skin tightening, scar, mole and loose skin removal, hair loss treatments, stretch mark removal, skin treatments, IV treatments, lip enhancement and facial fillers. Gabriela has a natural approach to aesthetics, aiming for improvement without the "done" look. This approach is increasingly in favour with celebrities now.

Dr Gabriela is on my top list of aesthetics Doctor's and I highly recommend her.
​56 Harley Street
0845 303 1155

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