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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Soft Surgery Blepharoplasty at Vie Southend

I have been very down about my eyes for years.  I noticed that after 25 my skin above my upper eyelids has been drooping and over the years the droopy skin has turned into upper eye bags.  The problem has become so bad that I have been raising my eyelids quite a lot without realizing it, causing a line across my forehead.

In the past I have tried botox to correct the problem, it has helped but their is only so much that can be done with botox and the skin still remains when the botox wears off.  I recently saw an option for "Soft Surgery Blepharoplasty" at Vie Aesthethics at Southend-On-Sea.  This clinic is run by husband and wife team Vicky and Dr Ionnas Liakas.  Dr Liakas is an experienced and certified specialist doctor. 

Vie is a really nice chic little clinic which is very easy to get to.  There are many different procedures to choose from.  One of their most popular specialities is Silhouette Soft "puppet face lift" that I recently had at a clinic in South Ealing.  In fact there were a few clients getting this done on the day I was there.

During my consultation for PlexR®,  I was warned of around 7 days down time and the fact that this procedure is not always a completely painless one depending on the person's pain threshold.  I decided that the price of this was worth paying to regain my confidence about my eyes and to make the top half of my face match the bottom half.  I was told about what was involved.  "PlexR®, is a device that forms plasma to sublimate the excess skin. It delivers its energy only on the superficial skin cells, without affecting deeper tissues, thus enables the perfect plasticity of the eyelid movement immediately after the treatment. The result is immediate reduction of the excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the shrinking of the excess skin in the external region around the eye. The benefits are also the improvement of the expression lines at the corner of the eye and the cheekbone (“crow’s feet”)."  Basically this means a conductor pen is used which is similar to lightening.  It doesn't touch the skin, but is aimed at the skin and is extremely accurate.  It needs a skilled hand.   The offending loose skin is then evaporated.  What is left behind are scabs which protect the new skin whilst it's forming.  During that time an oxidising high SPF protection mineral foundation is recommended and of course sunglasses.  Depending on how much loose skin is present, the client. may need between 1 and 3 treatments, 4 to 6 weeks apart. 

Numbing cream is applied, but I was very nervous so Dr Liakas gave me a local anesthetic to make me as comfortable as he possibly could.  The one thing I did like about this was I didn't have to wear lead lenses under my eyelids as I am very squeamish about my eyes.  It took around 30 minutes, not too long and once it was finished I could see an immediate effect before the swelling kicked in.   I had eyelids again, a bothersome skin tag was gone and a new arch on each eyebrow, this made me very happy.  The swelling was apparent for a few days, my eyes felt very tight, but I kept telling myself that the end result was worth it and I couldn't wait until the scabs fell off revealing the new tighter "baby" skin.  I used the make up I was supplied religiously and micellar water only to take it off without rubbing.  No rubbing or picking allowed as if the scabs are removed before they fall off naturally it can cause pigmentation.  I also used a neck pillow at night to sleep for a week to ensure I didn't disturb my eyes.

The scabs came off gradually and I began to see the result slowly, which made me feel happy that I had chosen this treatment.  When all of the scabs were gone, I just couldn't believe my reflection.  I looked like the old me again, the one when I was younger.  I still had a lot of looking after to do as the skin was brand new, so I religiously used a high SPF, the make up and sunglasses for protection.  Now when I apply my make up, I can be more experimental as it really shows now that I have eyelids again.  I can now wear lashes without them looking odd too.  My husband wasn't sure about this when he saw me looking swollen and scabby, but now all has healed he absolutely loves it and supported me through it too.  My friends have all commented on how great I look now.  I can also see clearer as having none of the droopy skin there lets in more light.  But most importantly, this has given me back my confidence about my eyes without having to have a surgeon cut at them and all of the risks involved in surgery as well as the recovery.

This treatment has many uses, removal of skin tags, removal of upper and lower eye bags, tattoo removal, scar removal and removal of lines, wrinkles and crows feet.  The downtime for this procedure is still much less than conventional surgery. (In surgery with cutting, there is swelling and significant bruising for up to 3 weeks.  As I mentioned, I had swelling but no bruising after PlexR).  Also in surgery people have a surgical scar on the eye lid.  PlexR does not leave any scars.  In fact Dr Liakas has had clients who came for PlexR to correct conventional blepharoplasty surgery and rid the scars. One patient had the arch of the upper eyelid perfected and to the patient's delight the scar also disappeared.  Even after 3 sessions of PlexR, (which is rarely required), the costs are still substantially less with PlexR than conventional surgery, so this option is definitely worth looking at if you are considering an eyelift or lower eye bag removal for a fresher look and better vision.

I have been invited back for tear trough fillers using Perfectha and botox to complete the look.  PlexR combined with botox and fillers is a package is called "Full Eye Rejuvination" and will be available at Vie Asthetics very soon.
Vie Aesthetics (above Tony&Guy)
Unit 23, The Royals

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