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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Juvederm Volite Mesotherapy with Nurse Emeline Hartley

I recently found out about the new hyrdration skin treatment that lasts for up to 9 months using mesotherapy injectables called Juvaderm Volite which Nurse Emeline Hartley offers at Emeline Hartley Associates.  Emeline is based in Harley Street London, Nuneaton, Kent, Nottingham, Leicester and Norfolk.  I went to see Emeline in Harley Street.

My skin was assessed, gently cleansed, degreased, disinfected with Chloxhedine and then numbing cream was applied.  When the numbing had taken affect, Emeline took this off and drew a grid on my face, a map of where the injections were to go.  Emeline expertly injected 2ml Juvaderm Volite non crossed hyaluronic acid superficially into my skin which didn't take long.   There was no pain.  I had 12 injections to my forehead, 14 injections to each cheek and 10 to my chin.  After the all was finished my face was disinfected again with the Chloxhedine solution and Teoxane post procedure fluid was applied to finish which contains Chlohexadine, Arnica, Neutrazen and Aloe Vera.

There is no downtime and aftercare is to gently cleanse night and morning , plus moisturise with a good serum or cream which doesn't contain nasty chemicals or parabens.  Make up can be resumed the next day and mineral make up is recommended.

My skin is velvety, plump, silky soft and line free.  I absolutely love this skin treatment!  My make up goes on perfectly flawless and my selfies look spectacular!  It is recommended that the patient has a refresh treatment after 9 months and continues to do this for optimum results.  2ml of Juveaderm Volite injectable mesotherapy treatment with Nurse Emeline Hartley is £500.  Emeline also offers a range on injectables including anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and barbed PDO threads.

For Doctors that wish to train in Juvaderm Volite Treatment, Dr Ash Labib offers expert training to medically trained aestheticians. 

  • Allergan's trials indicate that 91% of testers said Volite left them happier with their skin.

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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Double Chin Fat Removal at Juvea Aesthetics Harley Street

I was invited by Holly Faulkner to Juvea Aesthetics in Harley Street for a new laser fat reduction treatment under my chin which I jumped at as I do have a mild fatty deposit under my chin that is so stubborn, I can't seem to shift whatever I do.

The treatment is called Scuplsure using the FDA approved Cynosure laser machine.  Fat cells are destroyed and do not regenerate.  As I only have a mild double chin, I was told that I will only need 2 treatments 4 weeks apart.  This is the only safe treatment on the maket to effective target under chin fat with permanent results.

My head was secured into head gear with the laser tool directly and firmly strapped under my chin avoiding pushing on my neck.  I couldn't talk very much as it is quite tight, you have to be prepared for this and not suffer with claustrophobia.  The treatment warms up over 90 seconds and it feels hot and tingly.  You can always as for the power to be turned down if your threshold is not good.  This treatment lasts for 25 minutes only, during this time you get 15 seconds blasts of heat and then 15 seconds of cooling alternatively.   During the 25 minutes the build of the heat slowly increases and the aesthetics technician is always there and checking on the patients welfare.  When the treatment was over, it was a relief to get the head gear off.  There is no downtime and virtually no aftercare.  Just gently massage with feathery strokes from time to time to help the fat break down and drink lots of water to help flush the fat cells from the body.  It is also advised to avoid fatty foods and white carbohydrates.  

I can see and feel a difference already and this will continue to work over the coming weeks, I'm looking forward to my next treatment.  There was no noticeable swelling, no discomfort and no soreness or pain after this treatment. This treatment is £500 per session and is very effective.  Cynosure also sell these machines to clinics and salons.  The resident Dr wor injectable aesthetics and cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation and tummy tuck is Dr Faz Zavahir who regularly appears in the aesthetics journals.

020 7291 4554

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PH Formula Gentle Skin Resurfacing at SC Skin Clinic Hornchurch

After my consultation with Pam Cushing and using the PH Formula home treatment products for about just over a month to prepare and strengthen my skin and rebuild the transdermal layer, I went into SC Skin Clinic in Hornchurch for a skin treatment specifically for Rosacea. The treatment chosen for my type of skin was tailored for chronic redness using the PH Formula C.R. 1 Complex. C.R. 1 Complex is an active and effective formula for skin prone to redness and rosacea. Specifically formulated with anti-microbial activity to help reduce redness and prevent relapses. CR complex has been specifically formulated to reduce redness and the strengthen the skin and repair its natural barrier function.  Sharon Wayman carried out my treatment and talked me through it step by step. Firstly my skin was cleansed using E.X.F.O Cleanse, a gentle exfoliant which helps to remove all make up and impurities. E.X.F.O. Cleanse contains specific actives which assist in the loosening rough keratinized cells (dead skin cells). After this the S.K.I.N Primer was used to degrease my skin and then P.R.E resurfacing gel was applied to protect areas that could not be treated, such as eyelids, SPMU brows and lips. The next step was to proceed with the C.R.1 Complex which contains the key actives of Mandelic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Retinol, Lactic Acid and PH-DVC which is the unique delivery system used in PHformula to enhance penetration of active ingredients. This is a very gentle skin peel for the skin and is formulated and tailored specifically for Rosacea and chronic redness. There is no flaking and peeling aftwards to the gentleness of the treatment.

Thankfully my skin tolerated the treatment well, so it was left on for a maximum of 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the solution was removed thoroughly and followed up with the calming and hydrating A.D.V.A.N.C.E.D peel-off mask with activated charcoal & Phyto-complex. I have a photo of this which is most amusing! I look like the creature from the black lagoon! The treatment was then finished with the P.O.S.T recovery cream to again calm and hydrate followed by the U.V. protect SPF 30 to protect my skin from pollution and harmful UV Rays. As aftercare I was advised to leave the skin alone that night and then continue using the E.X.F.O Cleanse at home along with the C.R. recovery cream to enhance overall results and assist with the post treatment healing process. Also I was to continue with the SPF sun protection factor.

I must say I totally loved the look and feel of my skin after the treatment. Glowing and so soft and smooth. I was also given some CC cream which is a light coverage and SPF sun protection. If I was to wear make up, I was to use my usual natural mineral make up and ensure it's removed properly before bed. I also stopped using my Synergy encapsulated retinol cream for a week to let my skin recover adequately.

To get maximum results of this treatment it is recommended that a course of 6 is carried out at least 1 month apart from each treatment to get a good feel, texture and healthy visual glow to problem skin. I recommend this treatment to anyone suffering with Rosacea which is very problematic and sometimes upsetting. There is hope for Rosacea sufferers.

*This is not a skin peel, this is gentle skin resurfacing. *

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Non Surgical Bust Lift at IMed UK

For years I have been unhappy about the shape of my breasts due to breast feeding taking a lot of the elasticity out of them leaving them with a significant sag.  My breasts are quite large - F cup and gravity has also not helped!  I am not a big fan of plastic/cosmetic surgery and prefer the non surgical route of solutions such as aesthetics.  When I found out that there is a non surgical bust lift on the UK market I was thrilled.  Lian Allard from IMed contacted me and we had a meeting about all the fantastic non surgical procedures that are available at IMed UK Head Office.  I was so so happy to be invited down to have a treatment.  Of course, I chose the bust lift!  I've been dreaming of a firmer bust for years now.

Amy carried out the treatment which takes 2 hours and is done in 3 stages using the 3 skin tightening radio frequency machine.  This machine is cutting edge with health and safety at the paramount.  There is a microchip in the machine which will automatically switch off the mechanism if it detects any danger to the client such as overheating.  The first 2 stages use radio frequency, firstly tightening the skin using a Shea Butter serum to promote a smooth flow of the wand and a round and round motion is used around each breast and also underneath and on top of the breast.  Collagen and elastin is formed in the skin immediately and continues to work for days afterwards.  This action also eliminates excess fluid and toxins from the breasts.  After this the radio frequency is set to tighten the muscles above the breasts which is the scaffolding that holds the breast in place.  Then the +2 vacuum machine is used with a goat milk serum to enhance the blood flow to the area and tone the breasts.  The suction cup is like a hoover pushing air onto the breast and also gently suctioning the breast, the motion is to go around the breast.  All of this is completely safe and avoids vital glands in the breasts.  

I was given a mirror to see that effect on just one breast during the procedure and was amazed at the result.  I was even more amazed when I looked at the before and after photos of just one treatment!  My breasts had tightened and lifted by 3 cm one one breast and 5cm on the other which is significant lift for a first time on large breasts.  They looked rounder in shape and the nipples faced forward instead of outwards.  I will go back once a week for 5 more weeks.  It is recommended to get this treatment twice a week, but I live to far away to do that, so this will be a slow burn but so worth it.  This can also be used on the buttocks for a butt lift.  The treatment starts at £75 per treatment which is significantly less expensive than invasive surgery and there is zero downtime.  The only thing you need to do as aftercare with the bust lift is to ensure you wear compression bandages and a sports bra for bedtime and a very good support bra during the daytime.  There is no pain during this treatment and in fact I found it quite relaxing.  I am also going to combine this with some cavitation on my tummy to make this into a mummy makeover of my body to repair the damage done during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.  I had no idea that things could be repaired without surgery and I'm happy to have discovered this.  (I also have had Aqualyx fat melting injections at Vie Aesthetics, HIFU bum lift with Georgia Low Louchiey and lower tummy Laser Lipo at Heavenly Salon Essex). 

These treatments at IMed are available to the general public and there is an extensive price list, they also have blood pressure treatments, facials, fat reduction, lymphatic drainage, body contouring, pain treatments and laser hair removal.  If you book a course of 20 treatments, you pay for 8 and get 2 free.  All of these treatments are pain free with zero downtime.

IMed get their machines from Switzerland and have all the leading UK treatments under one roof, they sell these machines to salons and clinics so it is definitely worth getting in touch with Sales Consultant Lian Allard 07745 330742

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Dermaplaning with Kim Jay - Essex

Kim Jay Skin Specialist based in Essex is now offering Dermaplaning in her vast array of skin treatments.  I went to visit Kim at her treatment room in Brentwood above Uppercut in the High Street.

Dermaplaning removes dead skin cells and vellus hair from the face and neck using a round ended scalpel.  It is a fabulous new year treatment for a skin refresh.  Usually Dermaplaning is combined with a mild chemical peel to give the skin a healthy glow, but in my case I have rosacea so we kept to Dermaplaning and a WOW mask.

First of all Kim used a mild exfoliant and then degreased my skin.  Kim did 12 passes over my forehead getting right up into my hairline with the gentle touch of the scalpel using feathery movements. There was quite a lot of dead skin in the hairline area as that area is often neglected.  (This has prompted me to cleanse thoroughly into my hairline and remember to moisturise there too).  As I had endoret cheek fillers the day before Kim was careful to only do 6 passes over my mid and lower face.  (It was ok to have this treatment the day after my fillers as the bio fillers were made from my own plasma from my own blood so there would be no reaction).  Kim was careful to avoid any of the areas where there was a rosacea flare up and  also the entry/exit points from my fillers.  After all dead skin cells and vellus hair was carefully removed  a WOW Mask was applied to my skin.  My skin really absorbed all the ingredients from the WOW Mask much more efficiently than usual and this hydration will last up to 7 days.  Kim massaged my hands and arms whilst the WOW Mask did it's magic.  A PH neutral moisturiser was used and sunblock to finish.

I found the whole process very relaxing and my skin was smooth and glowing afterwards.  There was no side effects and little aftercare.  I was to leave my skin alone that night and return to my usual skin routine the next day.  My make up went on smoothly the next day and had an airbrushed look to it.

I recommend Dermaplaning as a deep exfoliation treatment with zero fuss and no side effects for a glowing complexion.

Kim is also offers tailored facials, Dermapen Microneedling, Radio Frequency, Microdermabrasion, Mesotherapy. Skin Peels and is constantly updating her training and education in the industry.  Kim is also a trainer for Natura Studios.  Kim Jay works out of Heavenly Beauty Salon Essex in Harold Hill and Rebecca Morris Brows and Beauty in Brentwood High Street above Uppercut.  Rebecca Morris who kim works along side with in Rebecca’s Salon in Brentwood specialises in HD Brows, Microblading and has just launched the amazing Collagen Wave which I will be trying soon.

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07739 329891

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Mesotherapy in Training with Dr Phlippe Hamida-Pisal

I regularly go the The Royal Society of Medicine for Mesotherapy training by the SoMUK, The Society of Mesotherapy of United Kingdom. This time I took a friend with me to give her a treat.  We had scalp, face, neck, décolletage and hand rejuvenation using mesotherapy cocktail of vitamins and minerals.

The scalp was treated with a meso gun. The face, neck and décolletage  was treated with small injections using needles with the 3 techniques : Epidermique, Papula and Intra hypo-dermic.  The hands were treated with a cannula using the combined mesotherapy cocktails with a non cross linked hyaluronic acid filler. The scalp mesotherapy fights against hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia and the loss of hair qualities.  The face, neck and décolletage  mesotherapy tightens skin, treats wrinkles, scars, acne and pores.  The hand mesotherapy does the same, but also gives the skin a thickened appearance with the non cross linked fillers to hide veins and improve the skin qualities.

I found the scalp mesotherapy very relaxing, as well as  the face, neck and décolletage treatment.  As a cannula was used to fan out the material in the hands, I found it a little sore.  After the fillers were disbursed in the hands, our hands were massaged.  Then we had Vitamin C applied all over the treated areas for optimum healing and protection against pollution and were given a sunscreen to protect from UVA and UVB rays.  

When we got outside we couldn't stop looking at our hands!  They looked so young!  This treatment needs to be maintained, the hand treatment is a course of 3, four weeks apart for optimum result and then one per year .  We couldn't stop raving about how good our skin felt and looked for days afterwards.  We will definitely be returning in the new year.  I also made some new medical friends to advise me on aesthetics matters.

If you are an aesthetician or aesthetics medic who wants to learn and train with the SoMUK, there will be courses at the Royal Society of Medicine in London in the new year.  Dates and contact details are below.

17th-18th of March 2018 23rd-24th of June 2018 06th-07th of October 2018 15th-16th of December 2018

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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Non Surgical Nose Job with Mr Ash Labib

Mr Ash Labib the nose guru trains medical delegates in non surgical rhinoplasty using dermal fillers.  I volunteered to be a model for the training in London.  I have what I call a "scoop nose with a bobble on the end" so to have a straighter profile was beneficial to me.  Ash offers the "15 minute nose job" with no downtime.

Ash is very lively and interesting, he certainly knows his stuff.  (He is a ENT surgeon and qualified/experienced in expert aesthetics with is own clinic and training academy).  The delegates were Dentists, Doctors and Nurses.  Even my lip Doctor was there Dr Bawa.  Firstly my nose was numbed using anesthetic cream and then my nose was assessed.  Ash decided that I was to have the "scoop" filled to soften the nose.  The injection goes right into the cartilage and the fillers are slowly injected and then manually moulded.  Some was also injected above my slight boney bump and also then into the tip of my nose in an under motion.  A little was used to inject either side of my nostrils to reduce "flare".  Ash then decided that I would benefit from a little filler in my chin to slim my face and make it less round and more heart shaped.  

When I looked at the result I was amazed.  My nose is perfectly straight and looks slimmer.  Also combined with the chin fillers, it gives the illusion of a slimmer face.  So happy with the result.  A new nose with no downtime or painful surgery!  I definitely recommend this treatment. 

For any medics who want to train in aesthetics with Ash, here are his details:

Ash Labib Aesthetics
Dr Ash Labib : 07966 151486

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PRGF Scalp Treatment & Endoret fillers with Dr Lisa Godfrey

I visited Dr Lisa Godfrey at Smile Studios Cockfosters for my third PRGF scalp treatment and also some cheek and jaw fillers using her Endoret fillers.  Lisa is a Dentist and expert Aesthetics Doctor who is constantly updating her education.

PRGF is the plasma taken from the patients blood and is injected into the scalp to wake the hair follicles into communicating with other cells in the body stimulating hair growth.  (My hair has been falling out due to stress).  This treatment has shown a significant improvement in my hair thickness.

Whilst I was there, we were talking about Endoret fillers which are also made from the patients blood using the plasma to make a gel.  (Once the plasma is separated, it is heated and cooled to make the gel bio fillers).  The advantage of this is it's natural and there is no change of allergic reaction.  It is a particularly good treatment for vegans too.  A cannula was used for my cheek fillers and Lisa moulded the fillers into shape.  Then the cannula was used to fan out my jaw fillers and the jaw botox I had with Lisa to stop my teeth grinding and settle my migraines had left some dents in my jaw by my ears, so a subtle filler was needed.  I will have a top up of these fillers a further two times, three weeks apart to ensure that the effect lasts up to a year.  I'm really pleased with the results and looking forward to seeing Lisa again in the new year.

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Nails By Aina

I had a special occasion coming up so needed to get my nails done.  I love shellac.  I found Aina Lacomca on facebook and Instagram.  Her work is fabulous.  She is based at a Salon in Goodmayes and also goes mobile.  I made an appointment at the salon with her and asked her to surprise me.

She takes her time and good care to do a good and thorough job.  She has many tools and takes care to remove cuticles, dead skin and oils from the nails and to shape the nails so they all match perfectly.  Aina saw that I like bling and silver so she chose a mixture of glittery silver pink and silver colours swarovski jewels.  Aina is very friendly and I felt very comfortable in her company.  When she finished my nails looked so pretty, sparkly and blingy.  I couldn't stop looking at them.  I've never had anyone take so much care and time over my nails before, she is a perfectionist and enjoys her work.

Aina also does thorough manicure and pedicure with very good quality products and lash lift and tint, (which in my opinion is the best lash treatment).

I have recommended Aina to all my friends and will be going back to her in the future when I have more occasions to look pretty for.  Prices are really reasonable too.

Classic manicure £10              Classic pedicure £18

Full manicure + shellac/gel polish £15
Full pedicure +shellac/gel polish £25
Full manicure+full pedicure+ shellac/gel polish £35
Full manicure+ nail extensions+ shellac/gel polish £25
full manicure+refill of the nail extensions +shellac/gel polish £20
Nail art £2 per nail
Yumi lashes -eyelash lifting £40

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Barefaced Beauty Vegan Make Up - Cruelty Free

I found Barefaced Beauty on Facebook and was impressed to find out that their make up range is of natural origin, mineral based, vegan and cruelty free.  It is an award winning company with very good ethics.  They ensure there is no animal testing or animal products the the making of their cosmetics and have gained certified approval from Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny), PETA and The Vegan Society.  The raw materials are natural and ethically sourced ensuring it is legal and free from child labour.  The packaging is also recyclable - envirnonmentally friendly.  


I contacted them and they sent me a whole range.  Mineral Foundation, purple and yellow shade concealers as I have Rosacea and dark circles under my eyes, The eye shadow kit, bronzer, finishing powder and lip gloss.  I am very impressed with this lightweight formula is comfortable and natural feeling.  The powder controls my oil problem effortlessly.  The eye shadows are nice and natural looking, most of all I love the lips gloss.  It is perfect for this cold weather and dry lips.  It looks and feels really natural with no stickiness.  The make up is perfume and paraben free, so no irritating  reactions.  I love the fact it is vegan and not tested on my furry little friends.

They have many shades and also make up brushes.  So for all of those people out there looking for vegan make up.  I whole heartedly recommend this company!

#BareFacedBeauty #MineralMakeUp #VeganMakeUp #CrueltyFreeBeauty #MakeUp #NotTestedOnAnimals #EthicalBeauty