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Monday, 21 September 2020

Sunekos Injectable Mesotherapy with Lisa Moore Therapy

 Sunekos is a new injectable mesotherapy treatment for healthier skin and to rejuvenate eyes where dark circles and hollows appear.  I recently tried this new treatment with Lisa Moore Therapy (Dental Hygienist and Aesthetics Trainer) Beauty at Number 2 in Colchester Essex.  Sunekos contains non cross-linked hyaluronic acid and amino acids.  This is injected into the deeper tissues and also superficially to plump, deeply hydrate, tighten and brighten the skin and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

Lisa decided to treat under and around my eyes as I have slight hollows , dark circles and fine lines.  These were the deeper injections, then the Rosacea areas by my nose and on my d├ęcolletage were treated to superficial injections to take down the redness.  As I bruise quite easily, bruising did occur around my eyes afterwards, but it wasn't painful, uncomfortable or severe, easily covered with make up.  After a week, with the bruising subsiding, I noticed my eyes did look more youthful, plumped underneath where the hollows were and fines lines softened.  Also my pores around my nose seemed to have shrunk in size and the redness was gone.

In order to get good results a course of Sunekos is recommended; for under eyes it’s 3 sessions 14 days apart for best results. If it’s just face / neck 4 sessions 10 days apart.  Prices vary from £300-£700 for a course of 3.

This treatment is a good one for somebody who doesn't wish to go too invasive, it treats the skin health creating collagen thus giving a plumping and tightening effect.  Great for loose, creepy skin and fine lines and wrinkles, also calms Rosacea.

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Fillers with Nurse Toure Robinson at Rare Diamond Aesthetics.

 After lockdown everything needed doing, so I headed to Rare Diamond Aesthetics to have some facial fillers with Nurse Toure Robinson who is very experienced in Aesthetics and has a very good reputation.  I have admired her work on her social media platforms for some years now.  Toure is based in Becontree and also Basildon Essex.  Consultation is free, there's a £50 deposit and you can call Toure anytime after of pop in for any required aftercare, top ups or advice.

During the free consultation we decided that I needed fillers in my nasal labial folds lines (nose to mouth) and marionette lines (sad lines around the mouth), as well as plumper lips.  The lines around my mouth were particularly deep so 2ml of Revolax filler was needed there and 1ml of ETPQ in my lips to give me volume and definition.  EPTQ is quite a new filler on the market, it's thick but smooth leaving a soft natural feel and volume that's long lasting.  Toure is a gentle and effective injector, she doesn't linger and knows exactly what she's doing.  After the filler is injected, Toure massages with Arnica to smooth the areas.  I had no bruising after the fillers, it takes some time to settle and aftercare is to avoid strenuous exercise, saunas and alcohol and to drink lots of water.  Also, a neck pillow on the first night's sleep helps.  The recommended dosage for the B12 injections to be effective is 1ml once a week for 4 weeks then once every 3/6 months.

We chatted a lot during my consultation and I mentioned my sleeping patterns had changed during lockdown, I had insomnia and was very lethargic due to this.   Toure recommended a Vitamin B12 injection which I agreed to.  I felt the effects the next day.  My sleeping pattern returned to normal, I felt energised and also my Rosacea completely cleared leaving my skin looking clear, smooth and glowing.  

I will be going back to Toure for cheek fillers very soon to give my face some lift and also anti-wrinkle injections in the future to smooth out fine lines around my eyes and lift my brows.  (Botox also helps with my migraines and jaw Botox stops my grinding).

I highly recommend Rare Diamond Aesthetics.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Medically Prescribed Anti Wrinkle Injections by Dr Stevany Ly of Essex

It has been at least 2 years since I had botox.  I recently had some personal problems that made me frown a lot and look a little jaded.  (Believe it or not, frowning does contribute to depression, so I decided it was time for big measures.......Botox).  I put me reachers out and got in touch with Dr Stevany Ly who is very local to me and has been a Doctor for six years and has been carrying out Aesthetics fully trained for two years, she is GMC registered. Dr Stevany Ly is also a member of Save Face  and is passionate about her work putting patient care and safety at the top of her list of concerns.

Dr Stevany and I decided at the free consultation as my main concern at that moment in time was the frowning and tired look, to do Botox 3 areas around forehead and eyes to prevent frowning, give a natural looking brow lift and also to smooth out fine smile lines around my eyes.

Dt Stevany assessed my muscles on my forehead and around my eyes first of all by asking me to make a few facial expressions to gage the strength of my muscles and assess what dose of the prescribed medicine Botunlinum toxin was required and in which precise location.  The injections were painless, Dr Stevany has a good and gentle injection technique.  It takes a total of 14 days for the Botox to settle in and take effect fully so after that the patient is welcome to some tweaks free of charge,  As my muscles were quite strong on my brow, I opted for this which took a just a few minutes including the consultation as the tweaks were very minor.  But even before this was carried out I was looking fresh and could no longer frown, but still had movement in my eyebrows.  A very natural, fresh  looking result to tired appearance of eyes and brow which I am very happy with.  This effect of relaxing certain muscles with a prescription medicine should last from 3-6 months, (it varies from person to person ie; metabolism and lifestyle).

During my first consultation with Dr Stevany, I brought up my concerns about the fact that my lower face looks "sad", I have a downturned mouth which really needs addressing in order to feel more confident and happy in myself.  (The face is that biggest part of everyone's presentation).  Dr Stevany recommended cheek fillers to bring up the corners of my mouth and make my cheeks look more chiseled on the outer cheek bones as my cheeks are still quite full submentally.   This is something I will be going back for as I want my outer self to reflect the happiness of my inner self since my lifestyle changes and improvements to address my personal problems. 

Dr Stevany also offers skincare treatments such as; Hyaluronic Skin Injections (Profhilo) and Microinfusion for skin health and firmness as well as Fat Dissolving Injections for localised areas of  fat which are difficult to metabolise with dieting and exercise alone. 

I visited Dr Stevany Ly at her home based treatment room in Harold Wood but she also has a clinic called Clynic Lab at 127 Belgrave Avenue, Romford, Essex, RM2 6PS.  

Call: 07912 875979

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Tuesday, 26 November 2019

No Needle Lip Enhancement, No Needle Facial Filler & No Needle Mesotherapy for a fresh new look.

I have recently tried out a new treatment on the market. No needle fillers.  I had lower face to lift and lips filled.  I also had forehead mesotherapy using the same pen.  I had all of these no pain, minimum downtime, no needle treatments with the talented Cindy King at The Luxury Touch Godalming a charming little clinic in a quite and quaint setting in Surrey.

Firstly my face was cleansed and dermaplaning was carried out using oil to glide the scalpel and avoid nicks and cuts.  This removed dead skin cells and peach fuzz.  Then the mesotherapy was carried out, which is a serum of hyaluronic acid and vitamins that is pushed under the skin with the pen to tighten and nourish the skin. This didn't take long and then it was time to move onto lips!  The part I had been looking forward to.  In the past I have only had the injectable procedure using a needle of a cannula, so I was particularly interested in this no needle option.  It did not take long and my lips swelled nicely without pain.  Only 0.4ml was used initially as I have had lip filler in the past so my lips took really well to this.  The end result was amazing as you will see from the photo on the blog. My lips were plumped evenly and symmetrically without any bumps of lumps. Then Cindy moved onto my face using filler to plump my cheeks and fill the deep lines around my nose and mouth.  Again no pain and efficiently completed with a fantastic result.  Each time each of these procedures were done, Cindy massaged the areas to spread the meso serum under the skin and to even out the fillers and shape the lips.  I was afterwards given a Bellato Lip mask containing collagen to use in the evening and had a liberal amount of CBD Serum applied to my face to calm any redness.  

In the following days the fillers settled nicely, the forehead had some raised bumps from the mesotherapy as it's a boney area and there was minimum swelling around the eyes for a couple of days only.  A sheet face mask, arnica cream and arnica tablets dealt with the swelling nicely and I had zero bruising.  (Everybody reacts differently to the treatments in the following days, but I am usually a bruiser so I was pleasantly surprised when I was clear of bruising).  Mesotherapy combined with Dermaplaning is recommended every 28 days to maintain skin health.  No needle fillers will typically last for around 3-5 months depending on the patient's lifestyle.  The filler treatment is ideal for the needle phobic patient.  

Everyone has been commenting on my skin and lips saying that I look naturally pouty and refreshed.  I'm really happy with my lips and will return to Cindy for more exciting treatments.

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Signature Multi step CBD Oil Facial by Cindy King at Luxury Touch Godalming

Recently Cindy King invited me to her peaceful little lodge called The Luxury Touch Goldaming and it was well worth the journey.

Cindy new that my stressed skin would benefit from her signature CBD oil products facial as I have Rosacea and hormonal acne breakouts along with dehydrated skin.

CBD oil with the THC extracted  is being used more and more holistically for skincare, chronic pain and general health as it is a superb natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  This 7 step facial was very involved using only the best ingredients and proved zero downtime.

Firstly Cindy cleansed my skin with a CBD cleanser which is designed for acne prone skin.  Then she used a hot towel to remove the cleanser.  Cindy repeated this process to ensure my skin was squeaky clean.  After this the CBD peel was applied and left for 10 minutes (which didn't sting at all).  Whilst the peel was on Cindy thoroughly massaged my lymph nodes for optimal lymphatic drainage before removing the peel with water and then running steam across my face for 10 minutes to open up my pores.  Then Cindy went about oil dermaplaning applying CBD Moringa oil first to my skin before using the scalpel to glide across my face removing dead skin cells to brighten the skin.  The oil prevents accidental nicking and cutting of the skin and ensures the scalpel glides across the skin effortlessly.   Once all dead skin cells had been effectively removed Cindy went to work with the nano-needle machine and CBD serum. This process is called Nano Infusion.   (The nano-needle head is made up of many tiny silicone needles which push the product deep into the skin, but doesn't peirce the skin - the bonus of this is there is zero downtime to this facial.  The nano-needle process does not cause any pain or discomfort, in fact I found this quite pleasant.  Cindy paid extra attention to the lines around my nose and mouth to soften these and tighten the skin, also around the delicate area of my eyes.  Cindy also plumped my lips with the serum and nanoneedle and this effect lasted for days!  (A great temporary alternative to lip filler if your scared of needles).  Then the radio frequency machine was run across all of my face for 15 minutes to tighten my skin and ensure all of the serum sunk in deeper and further.   After the RF,  a calming Alge mask was prepared to push the cbd oil serum deeper into the skin by creating a suction effect.  This mask dried like rubber.  Whilst the mask was going to work, Cindy went to work to relax me even more by way of massage.  She gave me a lovely indian head massage then moved down my neck, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, stretching out the ligaments.  As I am a stressed person at the moment, this was massage proved to be extremely beneficial to me and even clunked my painful shoulder back into place.  Knots in my arms and shoulders were released.  The mask was peeled off in one piece and then the CBD serum was re-applied. The facial was finished with a sunscreen for protection.  After this entire calming and relaxing process I felt pampered, chilled and satisfied.  When I had arrived at Luxury Touch my skin was red, angry and sore, after my skin was calm, silky soft and comfortable.

Before bed I cleansed gently and applied the CBD oil serum and cream before a good sleep.  When I awoke in the morning, my skin looked so good I decided to do a no make up bed head selfie straight away for my social media to show how happy I was with my skin, (something I would not usually do!).  I will return to Cindy in 3 weeks time to repeat this facial, (usually a course is recommended).  Luxury Touch also offers home product packages containing this magic CBD ingredient which last for months and also includes CBD oil to take internally for stress relief and natural relief of chronic pain.

I wholeheartedly recommend Cindy Kings signature CBD facial as a natural way to improve all skin problems and conditions.  Cindy will tailor her facial to your individual skin needs for optimal results.

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Thursday, 26 September 2019

PRP Dracula Therapy by Dr Daniel Sister for skin rejuvenation

I first met Dr Daniel Sister 2 years ago at a training evening for PRP in Belgravia after hearing so many good things about him including that he is world renowned "THE PRP Guru".  Recently Dr Sister invited me to his clinic in Victoria London to experience his PRP treatment for myself and of course I jumped at the chance of working with him.  I opted for Dr Sister's signature and trademark Dracula PRP Therapy Facial.

Firstly Dr Sister took time to explain about the treatments he offers and the history of PRP and also how far this practice has come which is always evolving and improving.  This process consists of taking blood and putting it in a machine to spin it and separate the plasma from the red blood cells.  The speed of the machine is important beginning slowly and leading up to the correct speed to plato there for some time and then slowly decreasing speed to a gentle stop.  This centrification takes 8 minutes.  After this, the plasma contains 3 layers.  The top layer is the poor platelet plasma which contains significantly less stem cells than the prp layer, but is still important to use in the PRP process.  The 2nd layer is platelet rich plasma containing a concentrated amount of stem cells which will stimulate regrowth in the body.  The the 3 layer is the red blood cells which are not used and disposed of.  Dr Sister injects in 3 stages.  Firstly deep and close to the bone under the eyes, along the cheekbones, around the mouth and along the jawline to redefine bone structure over time and tighten tissues deep down.  Secondly, midway into the tissues to firm these tissues over time.  Finally pricking the skin and rubbing the plasma rich serum into the skin to rejuvinate on the surface of the skin.  Some serum is used on some gauze to dab the areas pricked by the needle as the body's own natural disinfectant.  This whole process will also awakens the skin fibroblasts deep down to produce more collagen to plump and tighten the skin and tissues as well as rebuild bone.  Now with these stem cells in concentrated areas, the blood flow will stimulate them and activate a rejuvenation process that will equal a non invasive face lift over a period of months and this will last for up to a year.  Only 1 treatment is needed and this only take 15-20 minutes as Dr Sister is expert at this procedure.

There is no downtime to this procedure, you can have this in your lunch break and then go about your business as usual immediately.  Although this is a medical treatment to be carried out by medical professionals only, this treatment is a totally natural one, one which the patient will not have any adverse reactions to and also ideal for vegans.  This procedure can be used for stress related hair loss by injecting directly into the scalp to awaken the hair folicles into action for regrowth.  PRP can also be used for sports injuries, injecting direct to the joint to rebuild cartilage and can be used for burns as a serum on a bandage, even corneal burns as an eyedrop.  There are many medical uses for PRP as well as aesthetic uses.  The NHS is beginning to use this more and more as studies go on and knowledge increases.

I can't wait to see my face changing for the better over the months.  

The Doctor also trains medical professionals in PRP for any Doctors, Dentists or Nurses who would like to sign up to one of his courses.

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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Skinade from Vie Aesthetics

I've been having regular radio frequency facials at Vie Aesthetics which have achieved the effect of a non surgical facelift.  To support the RF facials, Vie Aesthetics kindly supplied me with a month's supply of Skinade in the form of travel sachets.  This is the easiest way to take Skinade and can be taken 20 minutes after breakfast with water.

Skinade is scientifically proven to boost the body's natural production on hyaluronic acid and collagen to support good skin health from the inside out giving great anti ageing results over time of use.  A course of Skinade over a period of 30 days has reported to: increase skin hydration, reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin suppleness and give healthier looking hair and nails.  Skinade increases the collagen density in the skin and improve elastin and skin thickness.  

The ingredients in Skinade are high quality, natural and organic; hydrolysed marine collagen peptides (from fresh water fish skin),  vitamin C to support collagen production, MSM to inhibit cross linking of collagen cells to prohibit ageing, vitamin B complex for energy  and protection of cells to promote clear glowing skin, omegas 3 & 6 from flaxseed oil for skin hydration, L-lysine an essential amino acid to rebuild the collagen matrix at cellular level.  Because Skinade is a drink and not a pill this makes the formulation more effective as it is easily absorbable in the body, (much more effective than tablets).

After a course of skinade, my skin is glowing, clearer, tighter and even my hair and nail grew at a quicker rate.  I recommend skinade to support any aesthetics treatments a patient may opt for at the very skilled Vie Aesthetics.  In fact I think that it's worth mentioning that Victoria Beckham is just one of the celebrities who openly share the fact that she uses Skinade daily.

Dr Liakas Aesthetics Director of Vie Aesthetics has just been named Highly Commended Aesthetics Doctor of the Year at the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards.  Well deserved as he has changed many people's lives for the better and boosted their confidence within themselves.

Vie are based in; Rayleigh, Southend, Harley Street, Germany and Cyprus.

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Sunday, 7 July 2019

WOW Fusion Facial

Claire Williams, sales and marketing director of WOW Facial Ltd has created the WOW Fusion device which is a small glass vial that the needle head screws onto. The needle head consists 20 titanium gold-plated needles containing a spiral groove, which enables the WOW Fusion serum in the vial, flow down the needle and directly into the skin. The WOW Fusion is used to treat; dehydrated skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, enlarged pores, rosacea, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), fine lines and wrinkles.

Claire invited me as a model for training with Nurses to try this effective facial.  As I have enlarged pores, rosacea and oily skin with some fine lines that need addressing, I opted for the WOW Fusion cocktail with Botox,  a mix of 1% wow fusion hyaluronic acid and wow fusion multi vitamin serum with a full vial of azzalure botulinum toxin.   Pam Cushing an experienced and respected aesthetics nurse who works with dermatologists to specialise in skin complaints carried out the training with Claire Williams.

The facial was pain free and didn't take very long at all.  The needles caused some very minor trauma to my skin to stimulate collagen production whist the serum penetrated the epidermis to do it's magic.  The botox relaxes fine lines, stops excessive sweating and closes enlarged pores to stop overactive sebum production which causes oily skin.  The hyaluronic acid floods the skin layer to attract water to the skin cells and hydrate the skin in the deeper layers.  The succinic acid works as strong antioxidant to oxidate the skin cells and remove impurities which cause hyperpigmentation in the skin.  All of these ingredients in the serum work well to reduce to redness of rosacea.

After the facial, my skin was glowing.  Claire applied the WOW sunscreen to soothe and protect my skin from the elements outside.  This sunscreen was impressive, no oily residue and a comfortable feel to the skin.  I was instructed by Pam Cushing not to touch my skin until the morning as the channels from the minute needles were still open and to cleanse, moisturise and apply sunscreen as usual in the morning.

The ingredients in the serum take around 5 days to work as it contains botox.  I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin.  The redness has reduced, the pores are smaller and I am glowing.  I recently went to an outside event and my face resisted sweating in the strong sunshine too.

This facial is very minimally invasive, pain free and effective.  I would recommend WOW Fusion facial to anybody with skin problems that do not wish to do anything too drastic which includes downtime to address skin complaints.  WOW Fusion Facial - Highly recommended.

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