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Friday, 22 March 2019

Vie Aesthetics Radio Frequency Face Lift to address adverse reaction to flu Vaccination (Facial lumps and swelling)

Recently I had a flu jab for asthma and had terrible side effects.  My face and neck was swollen, painful and lumpy.  After numerous visits to A&E, my GP, a maxilo-facial surgeon and various scans/x-rays all the NHS could do for me was prescribe; antibiotics, antihistamines and steroids.  It appears that they are not equipped to help with certain side effects to provide relief and subsidence.  The scans revealed that the lumps were inflamed tissue, nodules and these along with the oedema were a result of a hypersensitive immune response to the flu vaccination.  My oedema was caused by over congested lymph nodes.  This was uncomfortable and restrictive on my throat as well as painful as the nodules were pressing on facial nerves causing acute and chronic nerve pain.  I was constantly on pain killers.  

My friends at Vie Aesthetics at their new chic clinic in Rayleigh thankfully offered to help me when they heard of this and I am very grateful to them.  The only way to tackle and resolve this was to approach it more naturally in the way of radio frequency massage and vacuum lymphatic drainage.  Vie have all the top machines for non surgical solutions so I had no doubt that they would be able to solve my problem and ease my pain.  

The radio frequency uses heat and an electromagnetic field to soften hard tissues and tighten skin.  It is usually used for cavitation of fat and tightening sagging skin.  In my case it has in time unclogged my lymph nodes, activated my lymphatic drainage system and softened inflamed tissues whilst shrinking the hard nodules.  My face was done one half at a time and immediately after the radio frequency massage a powerful  vacuum suction was used to drain excess fluid/oedema.  

I have been having these facials once a week now since December, it is now March and the oedema, swelling is completely resolved and the nodules are almost gone and much softer.  When I first had the reaction, my face and neck were swollen with fluid like a balloon and my lower face felt like it had a hard metal plate all around my nose, mouth and chin.  It was so uncomfortable and painful I couldn't sleep, eat or talk properly and the pain had me in tears at it's worst.  The only way I can describe the pain is a sinus infection combined with the aftermath of having all wisdom teeth surgically taken out.

I honestly don't know what I would have done if it wasn't for Vie Aesthetics as the NHS adopted a "wait and see" approach and told me that however long it takes it "should" resolve itself.  As with the facials it has taken over 4 months, I dread to think how long I would have been left in this condition.  Thanks to Vie there is also a silver lining, the machine facials have left me with a thinner and more lifted face.  I had quite a heavy face before with some excess fat and jowl sagging.  Now it's like a non surgical face lift and I'm really happy with the results.  I will of course need to attend these facials until all of the inflamed tissue/nodules have been resolved completely so as the inflammation does not start to increase again as the vaccine is still in my system and my immune system is still hypersensitive.  Thank you so much Vie for all of your kindness and help and thank you to Dr Liakas for the consultations and medical advice.

Vie have clinics in; Rayleigh, Southend, Harley Street, Germany and Cyprus.

Visit to book your free consultation in your preferred location.

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Omni Oil by Clinogen for Raynaud Syndrome.

"I recently came across Omni Oil by Clinogen Laboratories - this product has been developed and clinically tested by Sujata Jolly who is founder and Medical Director of Clinogen.

Omni Oil is based on a combination of Western Science and Eastern Ayurvedic principles. Omni Ol works by harnessing the healing power of stem cells mainly derived from the rainforest plants. Omni Oil helps to improve both micro and macro circulation, reduce pain, inflammation and bruising, ease physical discomfort, improve mobility and assist healing from injury.

Sujata contacted me about Omni Oil after I shared an article about Raynaud Syndrome - which I suffer with in winter in all my smaller toes. The symptoms are extreme coldness, pain and cramping due to spasm of the arteries restricting blood circulation to the extremities, in my case this happens to my toes and mainly in the winter time. I usually find comfort from warm water and keeping my toes warm with woolley socks whilst keeping all windows closed.

I started using Omni Oil on my feet as soon as the cold weather hit me. I used it after a bath, morning and night and was careful to keep my feet warm. I must admit it does work! I haven't suffered painful foot cramps since using Omni Oil.

Sujata tells me that this product can also help with other painful conditions such as Fibromialgia, Neuropathy and general aches and pains caused by injury.

For a natural product this is a great alternative therapy to painkillers as it has great anti-inflammatory properties ( Should not be used together with any other painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs). Omni Oil is also contraindicated for pregnant women.

Omni Oil can be purchased on the website with a 10% discount currently."

Saturday, 15 September 2018

De-stress in Essex with Emma Louise - Your Route to True Happiness

I suffer stress, lots and lots of stress.  I have decided to do something constructive about it.  Stress doesn't go away, we all live with stress and stressful situations but we don't make enough time for ourselves to de-stress.  I am the sort of person that puts everyone first and forgets about myself which exhausts me completely.  luckily for me there is a lady locally called Emma Louise who offers Mindset Coaching and Relaxing Techniques in a peaceful and relaxed setting at De Rougemont Manor Brentwood.

I met with Emma at De Rougmont Manor in the beautiful outside grounds.  There's an outdoor swimming pool, water feature and lots of green land with beautiful flowers.  In the grounds there is a gym with personal trainer and a beauty salon Violet's which Emma Louise is a Reiki Master Teacher and has a quite room to offer Re-Set Reiki.   She also has a Yoga teacher on hand that offers Yoga on the Terrace by the pool one evening a week.  

We chatted for a very long time and I felt that Emma Louise was easy to talk to and honest, I trusted her enough to open up about my stresses and past experiences a little.  Emma Louise used to be a nurse and has a dgree in sociology and social sciences , she doesn't talk about angels or spirits, she talks about positivity and being at peace with yourself.  Just talking to her calmed me, especially in the beautiful setting.  I had an hour of Reiki which was not like any other Reiki I'd had before as she seemed to also use meditation too.  I felt myself relaxing into it and afterwards felt uplifted and happy and in less pain physically.

I will be going back to Emma Louise for more Reiki and whatever else she tailors for my needs.  I will also be using Violet's Beauty Salon.

Emma Louise really cares about her clients and doesn't turn anyone away, she will work out a way for her clients to be able to afford the happy life they want.  She is also looking into the future for professionals to have a weekend break to relax and "get off the world" as she puts it.  

I will record my journey of de-stressing to happiness.
07971 634143
De Rougemont Manor
Great Warley Street
Great Warley - Bretwood
CM13 3JP

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Friday, 14 September 2018

Anti Wrinkle Injections with Sister Chrissie Newson Rgn Medical Skin Clinic

It was high time I had some botox and decided to go to Sister Chrissie Newson RGN at the Medical Skin Clinic.  Chrissie has a clinic on Ongar Road Brentwood and a shiny new branch in Newmarket.  I've had Profhilo  with Chrissie previously that I was very satisfied with.  My skin is firmer, softer, more hydrated and my tricky under eye area is line free.

The anti-wrinkle injections/botox didn't take long as didn't take long as Chrissie is an expert injector being a nurse.  She cleaned the area thoroughly and marked up then painlessly injected like a pro.  Then after another clean and some sunscreen all was done!  I had 3 areas, forehead, brow lift, crows feet, frown lines.  It takes a few days for the botox to take effect and 2 weeks before full results are finalised.  My forehead and around my eyes are now crease and wrinkle free for at least 3 months with a brow lift that makes me feel happy.  This sort of treatment has a good effect on mood as not frowning actually lifts the mood. Chrissie booked me an appointment for exactly 2 weeks later for any tweaks that may be required.  A follow up is always required by a good practitioner and a free consultation.  Very professional and ethical service with a good range of aesthetic treatments.

Chrissie is an advisor for the

Aesthetic Medical Expert Group (patient support)

which gives free advice on aesthetic and non-surgical procedures from Qualified Medical Experts.

Newmarket Skin Clinic
Newmarket Leisure Centre,
Exning Road,
01277 532107
01638 491074

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Regrow Hair Centre Shenfield Essex for Hair Confidence

My hair is a concern of mine as in the thin and fine structure of my hair.  I have patchy hair due to hair fall which is caused by stress.  I decided to give the Regrow Hair Clinic in Shenfield a visit after following them on Facebook and looking at what they do.

I met with Lawrence Austin Managing Director and Khuram Raja Hair Consultant.  I found them both very firendly, approachable, easy to talk to and eager to answer all of my questions.  Khuram used the scanning device as part of my diagnostic service and found immediately that some of my hair follicles are blocked which is restricting hair growth.  For this, a course laser treatment is required to treat the blockages and stimulate the follicles along with a course of PRP injections to stimulate hair growth.  PRP is Platlet Rich Plasma which is extracted from the patient's blood by Nurse Sharon,  who is qualified in aesthetics, and injected into the follicles under the skin.  There is also a Doctor involved with the Regrow Hair Clinic Dr Kannan Athreya who is a GP experienced and qualified in aesthetic medicine based just across the road.  I have met Kannan in the past.  Kannan will prescribe any medical prescriptions that may be required for the patient after physically seeing the patient.  In addition to this a surgeon is on hand in London if the patient requires a hair transplant and then aftercare is carried out in the clinic at Shenfield.  You can also get a home care kit including shampoo, conditioner and supplements.  Each package of treatments is specifically tailored to each client, their medical condition and their hair needs and aftercare is meticulous.  They are also looking into finance options to make the confidence restoring treatments affordable for the everyday person.

Whilst I was in the clinic, I tried the laser treatment in the cozy treatment room with a comfortable chair and TV.  It was extremely relaxing and not at all painful.  Next time I will have PRP with Nurse Sharon before the laser treatment and I also have some products to use at home and document results.

These guys really care about what they do and their clients, I personally recommend them as they are big on ethics and customer service.

27 Hutton Road
Brentwood CM15 8JU
0800 246 1606

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Friday, 31 August 2018

Non Surgical Brow Lift by Georgia Low Louchiey - Advanced Beauty Solutions Harlow

I regularly go to Advanced Beauty Solutions by Georgia Low Louchiey in Harlow Essex.  Georgia has a whole range of treatments including Accor Plasma Pen loose skin treatment, HIFU Machine Face and Butt Lift and skin tightening/brightening Mesotherapy.  This time I had HIFU Neck lift and Accor Skin Tightening Brow Lift to complement my PDO Thread Face Lift I recently had a Vie Aesthetics.

Numbing cream was applied in advance for the brow lift whilst Georgia warmed and tightened my neck and under chin with the radio frequency skin tightening wand ready for when she went to work with the HIFU Neck lift.  The radio frequency facial is very relaxing and pleasant and the HIFU is painless on the neck.  H-igh I-ntensity F-ocused U-ltrasound  treatment reduces fat over time and tightens the skin as the fibroblasts are stimulated to produce more collagen in the skin.  After this I had the Green calming light on the LED Facial Machine.  During these two procedures I actually fell asleep, it was so relaxing!  Then it was time for my brow lift with the Accor Plasma Pen.  This shrinks and tightens loose skin  The term “Soft Surgery” is used to describe the treatment because it delivers results similar to surgery, with no scalpel, stitches or bandages and minimal downtime.  A minimally invasive procedure with much lower risk and at a more affordable price than actual surgery. Results can be seen immediately and even more so during the healing process as the collagen is produced to repair the superficial damage.  The brow lift didn't take long and my brow were immediately lifted afterwards.  I was left with red dots which crusted over during the following days.  After this the crusts fell leaving small pink spots which healed very quickly as I take daily collagen supplement to aid healing after cosmetic procedures. 

After just one month I can hardly see the pink spots and my brow lift looks fantastic.  Such a great result without surgery, I'm so pleased with this procedure and would recommend to anyone wanting a lift without the need for cutting in surgery and downtime.  Georgia also uses this technique for under eye bags, crows feet, upper eye lift, bar code smokers lines and neck and jowl lift.  It's sometimes necessary to have more than one session depending on the laxity of the skin and the age of the patient and sometimes a course of treatments is recommended.  Georgia's mesotherapy treatment can also complement the Accor skin tightening during healing as it charges the skin cells with vitamins, amino acids and succinic acid which aids speedy healing.  Also for jowls a combination of HIFU and Accor skin tightening can be used over time and mesotherapy can even be added.  (With HIFU you also get radio frequency skin tightening).

I always enjoy my time with Georgia in her relaxed environment.  She is friendly, caring and professional and gives great results.  I will be visiting Georgia in Harlow again soon for the Aqua Skin Facial - something new to try!

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Monday, 30 July 2018

Luxury Collagen Youth Infusion Facial at Vellalure Skincare and Permanent Cosmetic Clinic

After seeing Nurse Chrissie Newson Rgn at Medical Skin Clinic Brentwood I was invited to see Gabi at Vellalure Skincare and Permanent Cosmetic Clinic in the same building for a Luxury Collagen Youth Infusion Facial.  It was a hot day and I was glad of this invitation as my skin was red from pollution and heat.  Gabi offers a full range of skincare including Mesotherapy and also Semi Permanent Make Up.

The facial was naturally sourced collagen based and very relaxing.  The Native(Natural) collagen in the products by Souvre Internationalis sourced naturally from fish skin and all the products are free from parabens and preservatives.  These products have been clinically proven to improve skin texture, imperfections, scars, Acne, stretch marks, sagging skin, wrinkles and sun damaged skin.  These products are also an effective management treatment for Rosacea.

There is a whole range of products in the Souvre International Natural Collagen range from Poland including face, body, hair and nail treatments, plus internal supplements to treat from the inside out.  For my treatment Gabi focused on my face, neck and decolletage.  Firstly on this hot and humid day it was a relief to have the facial cleanse using the soothing Collagen Facial Wash Gel which is specially formulated for sensitive skin.  The the Collagen Peeling cream was used to gently exfoliate dead skin cells from my skin.  This contains microgranules  derived from natural pink sand of Tikehaue in Polynesia, then the Collagen Toner was used after a rinse.  After this Gabi massaged into my skin the Collagen Face and Cleavage Serum.  This is a real treatment, very relaxing and comfortable.  The serum contains vitamins, active peptides and hyaluronic acid as well as the all important collagen.  This serum protects skin from environmental pollutants, replenishes lost moisture and rebuilds the skins structure to tighten and brighten.  After this step Gabi applied the Gold Mask which contains Gold to compliment the serum, the gold stimulates the cells and reinforces the collagen and elastin, forming a layer of protection the the skin.  This was left on for 30 minutes whilst Gabi massaged my scalp, neck, shoulders, decolletage, arms and hands using the Collage Serum.  So relaxing that I actually fell asleep!  After the mask had done it's job a Under Eye Serum and Day Cream was applied for maximum protection and effect.  Both of these products contain Aloe Vera, Vitamins and Minerals as well as Collagen.  The eye serum is perfected to minimise puffiness, swelling and reduce dark circles.  The day cream will moisturise the skin all day and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

After all of this I felt relaxed, rested and refreshed.  My mood was serene after the stress of the heated day and my skin looked and felt fantastic!  The results actually continued to work in the coming  days and Gabi also gave me the mask to take home to enjoy the benefits of my brightened complextion for longer. The redness from the Rosacea was also gone and my skin was plump and firm.  I would definately recommend this treatment and also the products.  They do not smell fishy like you would expect and feel luxurious - a real treat!
07850 519775
62-66 Ongar Road

CM15 9AX

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Monday, 2 July 2018

Lip Fillers by Dr Hardip Nandra Essex Medical Aesthetics

I love a natural pout and I'm always looking for a talented Doctor to do my lips.  I found Dr Hardip Nandra of Essex Medical Aesthetics on Facebook and really admired his work.  I decided to visit one of his clinics for summer lips.

Dr Nandra has a few different lip fillers for the desired effect that a patient wants with a cannula to avoid bruising and also uses a dental block to avoid pain and discomfort.  I have to say that I felt no pain at all in the top lip, just a little pinching in the bottom lip.  We decided to use 1ml of Juvederm Volite, mostly in the top lip with a little in the middle of the bottom lip for balance.  As this was a top up, the filler was only needed in the body of the lip and not in the vermilion border, (my lips already had a good shape to them, but volume was needed).  Dr Nandra ensured I was fully numbed before commencing.  His experienced hand didn't take long to do the art of shaping my lips and I was really happy and impressed with the result.  

I had slight swelling for a couple of days.  I used arnica supplements to avoid any bruising as I am prone to brusing and antihistamines to take down the swelling quickly.  I also used a neck pillow for a couple of nights to avoid rolling onto my face whilst sleeping.  I have had some lovely comments on my lips and I'm so happy with the natural result.  Dr Hardip has replaced volume lost to give my lips a youthful plumpness which makes a difference to my whole face.  There was no downtime, no fuss and no pain just great results!

Prices for lips are; 0.5ml £150 and 1ml £190 for any lip filler.

Essex Medical Aesthetics are based in; Plaistow, Loughton, Romford, Hornchurch and Chelmsford.  There is a huge range of aesthetic, skin and anti-wrinkle treatments to choose from or combine for your confident new look.

020 8470 9996
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Friday, 29 June 2018

High frequency cleansing facial at The Salon BDC

I was called on to try Direct and Indirect High Frequency Cleansing Facial at The Salon at Barking and Dagenham College Campus.  This is a totally safe cleansing facial using high frequency electricity that dries out spots, white heads, excess sebum and increases blood circulation.

Demi who is a lovely girl doing her training first of all used the probe directly on my freshly cleansed skin over a gauze to stimulate my skin, during this there is a gentle tingling sensation and you do have a metallic taste in your mouth which is a natural reaction to the High Frequency.  This didn't take long at all and wasn't uncomfortable.  Then Demi applied sweet almond oil to my face and instructed me to hold a probe which was attached to the high frequency machine.  She then went to work massaging my face and neck with the oil whilst  we both created a circuit with the current flowing through which pushes in products.  This is deep cleansing and encourages circulation.  This also feels tingly and very pleasant. After this a calming tea tree based sedate gel  face mask was applied whilst my hands and arms were massaged with a lovely smelling raspberry moisturiser.  this mask is ideal for delcaite/irritated skin.  When the mask was cleaned off a light moisturiser was applied to my face.

My face felt so soft and looked so fresh afterwards.  This was a lovely pre-hoilday treatment for my skin to get holiday ready for all the heavy sun lotions to be used.  Note, my skin type is oily/combination and I have Rosacea and sensitive skin - this treatment is ideal for oily skin types and safe for anybody suffering with Rosacea.

This lovely little salon managed by Chantelle Mcagnus is a great place to go for affordable treatments and to update your beauty training, so why not treat yourself!

The Salon
Barking & Dagenham College
Rush Green Campus, Dagenham Rd, Dagenham, Romford RM7 0XU
020 3667 0118 

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Elemis Facial at Mind, Body & Spirit

I visited Leigh at Mind, Body and Spirit at the Holiday Inn whilst I was in Brentwood.  Leigh's salon is situated by the gym and spa, which is very handy for a relaxing day out!

Leigh has many anti-ageing and body contouring techniques which give zero pain and zero downtime, just great results!  I can't wait to try in the near future.  For now I had a lovely relaxing Elemis facial tailored for my skin as I have Rosacea and oily T-Zone.

Elemis only use natural ingredients and is scientifically proven to meet every individual skin need.  It's ever evolving and cutting edge.

Firstly Leigh used a pre cleanse balm to hold onto any impurities ready for the gentle cleanse.  The balm is in place of oil as it is easy for travellers and less messy.  Then a gentle Rose Exfoliator was used to remove any lingering dead skin cells.  After this a soothing and calming Herbal Lavender Repair face mask was applied for 10 minutes whilst Leigh relaxed me with a hand and arm massage.  And finally barrier cream was applied which contained

My skin felt fresh, comfortable and radiant.  I would recommend this treatment as part of your skin care routine and especially as part of a spa day at this location!

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