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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Dr Bawa - The Name On Everyone's Lips

Dr Bawa has clinics in Hainualt, Loughton, South Woodford, Wanstead and Waltham Abbey.  I opted for Hainualt which is in Helenic Beauty just two minutes from Hainault train station.   Helenic Beauty is a very friendly salon offering hair and beauty treatments.  

Firstly Dr Bawa took my medical history and gave me the consultation.  We chose to use 1ml of Juvederm Ultra 3. Firstly Dr Bawa injected my vermillion border on my upper lip and a little in the corners of my lower lip.  Every time the Doctor injected he sat me up to see how the shape was taking place.  Then he injected the body of my upper lip and a little into the body of my lower lip to balance the look.   He sat me up after every step of the injections and really took his time.  I've never had anybody take so much time to perfect my lips before.  The whole time Dr Bawa was asking if I was okay and if I needed more numbing cream.  The Juvederm was massaged to avoid lumps and give the right shape.   The Doctor also gave me a mirror every time he sat me up to assess me, involving me in my treatment every step of the way.  When I saw the final result I was stunned!  I really love my new lips and they should last the correct amount of time too.  For the next couple of days I used ice and took Ibruprofen and arnica to treat the swelling.  Now that the swelling has subsided I have a lovely natural pout helping me to look more youthful.  I will go back to Dr Bawa again and again.  I plan to have botox with him next time I see him.  

Also Dr Bawa's client care is really good.  He told me to send photos and if I need any kind of top up any time soon to come and see him.  At the moment he offers lips, dermal fillers and botox and will soon offer more treatments.  I definately recommend Dr Bawa.

Contact details:
Phone: 020 3795 9063

Instagram: @drbawaluxuryaesthetics
Facebook: drbawaluxuryaesthetics

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Body Bliss at Vie Aesthetics - Inch Loss Treatment

Vie Aesthetics have a new body treatment called "Body Bliss", I decided to try this on my tummy area.  

The lovely Shayna treated me with the powerful machine.  Firstly there was an infrared light treatment to penetrate the fat cells and treat the skin and deeper tissues to create collagen.  This was warm and relaxing.  Then radio frequency was used to disturb the fat cells more and to tighten the skin, this is also really good for stretch marks.  Lastly ultrasound cavitation was used to break down the fat cells completely.  All of these 3 treatments took 8 minutes each, I was laying down for a total of 24 minutes of relaxing bliss.  This treatment is very comfortable and relaxing with absolutely zero pain.  All 3 of these treatments combined are very effective on fat, loose skin, water retention and stretch marks resulting in massive inch loss.  It is recommended that you drink lots of water and avoid fatty, sugary foods to help the treatment along.  Water is very important as your body is flushing fat and toxins away.  I did feel really good immediately after the treatment and slept very well that night.  The next day I felt as if I'd been doing tummy crunches!  I really felt and saw the positive effects of the treatment.  This is a painless and non invasive way to remove stubborn fat in any area of the body.  Good for men and for women.  

It is recommended to have a course of Body Bliss for optimal results if you have a large area to treat and to have a break of a week in between treatments so as your body has a chance to flush all nasties away as it's a very powerful treatment.

I fully recommend Body Bliss, one of the best body treatments I have had and will have again!

Vie Aesthetics are based in Southend-on-Sea, Rayleigh, Harley Street and Germany.  Dr Liakas is medical Director and an expert Doctor for all your aesthetics needs.  Vie have a huge range of treatments all under one roof to meet all of your non surgical needs.  They have great client service, a lovely friendly and professional team and continuity of care, always putting the client first.  The clinics are chic and spotless and the treatments are amazing.
0207 1646140 
01702 617176

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Nefertiti neck and face lift at Glow Aesthethic Training

I have been going to Natural Enhancement as a regular model for Semi Permanent Make up using the tattoo technique.  They recently moved premises to the beautiful Kew and teamed up with Glow Aesthetic Training.  I wanted to give Glow a try to be a model for them for jaw botox and nefertiti neck lift using botox.  Well worth the visit!

Dr Ali the trainer is calm and competent, qualified and experienced.  He made me feel relaxed straight away.  He was training Dr Nikita a Dentist who was warm and attentive.  The jaw botox was marked out in 5 points each side of my jaw whilst I clenched and then administered deep into the masseter muscle.  Then I was asked to grimance to show exactly where I needed the neck botox to relax the deep line which is from looking down all the time.  These procedures were done quickly and painlessly and I felt relaxed the whole time.

It takes two weeks to see full results, but just one week on I am noticing the effect. The line around my neck is softened and I am no longer clenching and grinding my teeth, reducing the need for my night mouth guard and reducing my headaches.

This is a medical procedure and must be carried out by a medical professional which has undergone training in jaw botox as without the correct training and knowledge there could be disastrous side effects such as "slack jaw" and dribbling.  Always check your medical professional's qualifications before going ahead with this procedure.

Glow also train in other areas of botox, dermal fillers, lip fillers and chemical skin peels.

I have already recommended Glow to my friends.

If you would like to be an aesthetics model for Glow Aesthetic or train with Glow Aesthetics Training as a medical professional contact:
Morag Hague
Glow Aesthetic Training
0203 793 6332

M 07778 351355

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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Absolute Collagen Supplements

I am so into my collagen supplements to support my treatments and skin health.  Recently I was sent a new one to trial called Absolute Collagen. It comes in 10ml shots which are lemon flavoured and can be taken orally on their own or in a healthy drink.  

This supplement containing 8000mg of marine collagen per dose and vitamin C to support the production of collagen.  There is no lactose, gluten, dairy, artificial colours, no sugar, no pork protein and no alcohol.  However the disclaimer states you should not take this product if you are allergic to fish as the collagen is derived from fish skin.  I took this quote from the webiste "Our collagen drink contains the most collagen in the smallest dose with the minimum amount of fuss in the lowest possible price  Oh, and it's made in the UK"  

I like this supplement as it's quick and easy.  I tend to take my collagen supplement in the morning, half an hour after breakfast however Absolute Collagen doesn't contain B vitamins which can keep you awake, so it can be taken at night before bed as a beauty treatment as you sleep to repair skin and body.  Collagen is vital for all living creatures.  Collagen is in every structure of our bodies, we tend to lose our collagen as we age.  After the age of 20, our collagen production slows down which ages us, so to give yourself  a boost is a good idea and will support the healing of any aesthetic treatments you may have, if you're like me!  These sachets are so handy on the go and easy to take on holiday and travelling. I also like the no fuss packaging, the box can be recycled and the sachets are a better idea than plastic bottles, so good for the environment too.  All in all I find Absolute Collagen ethical, no fuss and a beauty must!

A one off purchase of a Beauty Box of 14 x 10ml sachets is £29.99.

Watch this space as Absolute Collagen for men is being launched very soon.

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Cheek & Chin Fillers By Dr Deniz Kanlida 42 Harley Street

I was recently recommended Dr Deniz Kanliada to me by the famous and pretty "Human Ken Doll" and ambassador for plastic surgery Rodrigo Alves.  Dr Deniz Kanliada is a well known Facial Plastic Surgeon and works at 42 Harley street London.  Dr Deniz needed a model for a training video and I jumped at the chance!  I have admire Dr Deniz's work in the press and on You Tube.

The treatment that I opted for was cheek and chin fillers using calcium based dermal fillers which mimic bone structure.  My face is round and I wanted to subtly change the shape to a heart shape.  This was achieved quickly, calmly and efficiently by Dr Deniz.  He understood my desire for a natural look and delivered just that.  The result was immediate and will last for a long time.  I am so happy with my fillers and will definately go back to Dr Deniz Kanliada.  I have also recommended to my friends for aesthetics and surgery.  Thank you Rodrigo for the introduction!

If you would like a treatment with Dr Deniz Kanliada, to be an aesthetic model for him, train with him as a medical professional or opt for cosmetic surgery, here is the link to his Instagram and his email address.
Dr Deniz Kanliada
42 Harley Street

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Monday, 8 May 2017

LGBTI Matters - an education. #LGBTI

Hate crime in the LGBTI community is still happening and seems to be on the increase.

I have many friends within this community and I am disgusted by this.

Here are some LGBTI facts and figures taken from the Stonewall Website www/

One in six lesbian, gay and bi people have experienced a homophobic or        biphobic hate crime or incident over the last three years
Two-thirds of those experiencing a hate crime or incident did not report it to anyone
Fewer than one in 10 victims who reported hate crimes and incidents to the police said it led to a conviction
A quarter (26 per cent) of lesbian, gay and bi people alter their behaviour to hide their sexual orientation to avoid being the victim of a hate crime
38 per cent of trans people have experienced physical intimidation and threats and 81 per cent have experienced silent harassment (e.g. being stared at/whispered about)

At work

One in five (19 per cent) lesbian, gay and bi employees have experienced verbal bullying from colleagues, customers or service users because of their sexual orientation in the last five years
One in eight (13 per cent) lesbian, gay and bi employees would not feel confident reporting homophobic bullying in their workplace
A quarter (26 per cent) of lesbian, gay and bi workers are not at all open to colleagues about their sexual orientation
Nearly half (42 per cent) of trans people are not living permanently in their preferred gender role stated they are prevented from doing so because they fear it might threaten their employment status
Over 10 per cent of trans people experienced being verbally abused and six per cent were physically assaulted at work. As a consequence of harassment and bullying, a quarter of trans people will feel obliged to change their jobs


More than half (55 per cent) of lesbian, gay and bi pupils have experienced direct bullying
Almost all (99 per cent) gay young people hear the phrases ‘that’s so gay’ or ‘you’re so gay’ in school and 96 per cent of gay pupils hear homophobic language such as ‘poof’ or ‘lezza’
Almost a third of lesbian, gay and bi pupils are ignored or isolated by other people
Two in five (41 per cent) have attempted or thought about taking their own life directly because of bullying and the same number say that they deliberately self-harm directly because of bullying
59 per cent of trans youth said they had deliberately hurt themselves, compared with 8.9 per cent of all 16- to 24-year-olds


Since 1990, 40 countries have decriminalised homosexuality and over 30 have outlawed homophobic hate crimes. As of 2015, over 60 countries legally protect LGBT people at work and 15 recognise same-sex marriage
Sex with someone of the same sex is illegal in 72 countries, and punishable by death in ten. That means 40 per cent of the world's population live in countries where gay, lesbian and bisexual people can be imprisoned, just for being themselves. Over 400 million people live under laws which punish same-sex sex with the death penalty
Almost half (46 per cent) of the LGBT people killed in the Americas in 2013-2014 were trans women
Between 2008 and 2014, there were 1,612 trans people were murdered across 62 countries - equivalent to a killing every two days 
One in 12 trans people in Europe experience violent hate crime each year

I - Jenny Essex interviewed some of my friends in the LGBT community. 

Robert Anthony, Founder of LGBT Brighton, says his parents disowned him when he came out as gay.
"My family disowned me when I was 17 - both mother and father died without even knowing me. Because I moved to England they pretended I was dead....this is the kind of thing that has happened to quite a few people and therapists have to pick up the pieces."
Sophia a transexual woman from living in Surrey has a lot to say about TERFs. TERF means Trans-exclusionary radical feminism .  This radical feminism is characterised by transphobia and transmiisogyny.  This group believe that the term "real women" only applies to those who were born with vaginas and XX chromosomes. Unfortunately for Sophia, she experiences online abuse from TERFs on a daily basis because she was born with a penis.  She says she has been told that "women are entitled to their own spaces" re changing rooms and toilets.  (I find this ridiculous in this day and age!)
All are welcome in LGBT Brighton and Hove Network

Another friend of mine called Sophia who is also a transgender woman has to work dressed as a man or she will not  be given work.  Sophia's work is IT based and she works freelance.  She told me "Some people think you have to look plain to be able to work.  And if I get one homophobic complaint from anyone it would reduce the times I get called. I have no contracts with anyone. Everything I do I'd just email or call. Can you do this date. If they are worried bout complaints they won't use me.  Also it's mostly a male world. Females are not as strong so not as many.  If I looked female and could pass as being female I can work. But I don't look or sound female and will take a lot of work to change."

Stephanie Woodcock is a transgender woman and alternative model.  She has had lots of online abuse for the fact that she is transgender, in fact she has what she calls a "wall of shame" on her Facebook.  She looks online for love, but comes across perverts looking specifically for "chicks with dicks" and constantly gets asked rude and invasive questions about her genitalia.  She gets asked to do inappropriate things daily.  Stephanie suffers anxiety and panic attacks.  (Stephanie has had her gender reassignment surgery since this interview).

A friend of mine,  India Willoughby - who recently became ITV's first openly transgender news reader and a guest panelist on Loose Women - has also been trolled. India said: "In the real world I have been extremely fortunate in not encountering any face-to-face hostility. On-line
though, I'm afraid it's a different story. Being openly trans has made me a target, particularly for the radical feminists. I really don't understand why they are so aggressive and hostile to people who are trans. If the same level of hatred was directed at
black or gay people by a particular group it would be stopped. The old adage about sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me isn't strictly true. Names do hurt. Depending on a person's vulnerability at the time, vitriolic insults can push someone to very dark places. The thing to cling on to if you are a victim of online abuse is that you can block or report a troll - and th chances are you will never, ever meet them in the real world.
"   Anybody that knows India will know that she is a kind, warm, funny, charismatic, talented and lovely lady. 

At home I regularly talk to my children about LGBTI issues in a way that they will understand to curb any ignorance in the future and I think these issues should also be addressed in schools.  My children will grow up to be well rounded and empathetic people to be proud of.  I tell them that people have their differences, but there's nothing wrong with that and we are all human beings at the end of the day.  It's a good heart that really matters.  It's very important that we educate the next generation.

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

ZO Stimulator Peel at Vie Aesthetics

I recently had a Dr ZO Red Carpet Peel Facial at Vie Aesthetics to help my hormonal break outs with their newly appointed beautician Shayna Nolan.  All the products used are medical grade and contain no parabens.  (All Vie Aesthetics personnel work under the supervision of Dr Liakas who has many years experience in aesthetic medicine).

The ZO stimulator peel uses10 percent glycolic 10 percent lactic and 10 percent citric acids. This peel is mild with no downtime which treats epidermal pigmentation age spots acne and fine lines and wrinkles.  A course of one a week for a month is recommended for best results then one a month after the course following up with ZO skin care to maintain results. 

Firstly my skin was cleansed and then exfoliated to rid my skin of dead skin cells which would block the action of the peel.  (It's recommended that exfoliation using the ZO range is carried out 3 times a week).  After this the glycolic peel was applied which was tingly but not uncomfortable.  This was neutralized after a 2 minutes and then reapplied for another 1 minute.  Then I had more exfoliation and another cleanse.  After the skincare cream and SPF was applied to protect my skin from the environment.  Shayna talked me through the process and made me feel comfortable the whole time.

I could see the difference immediately afterwards.  My skin was brighter and clearer and the redness on my nose, cheeks and chin had disappeared.  A week later, my skin looks great and my breakout has gone.  I had no peeling from this facial and no after effects or downtime.  This is more than just a facial and I highly recommend this to anyone with skin problems that need addressing or as a treat before a night out.
Vie Aesthetics
Unit 23, The Royals
Essex, SS1 1DQ, UK
01702617176| Mobile: 07899 673578

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Havering Beauty and Hair Academy Hornchurch

I've been modelling for Havering Beauty Academy quite a lot recently as they need models for treatments during training.

I had natural look foil highlights, my roots touched up to ban plus a professional haircut for the summer.  I had my brows and eyeliner tattooed on during SPMU training with  It makes such a difference!  I also had a wonderful hot stone massage which was needed!  I just had my lashes lifted and tinted last week as I find this is the best treatment for natural look lashes and I am a fan of the natural look.  Each treatment has been a professional one at a fraction of the price as it's during training.  The girls are all lovely and the salon is a professional environment. 

Havering Beauty and Hair academy are excellent for training if your looking to extend your career in beauty and are always looking for models for training.  You can call 01708 472727 to enquire about training or to be a model.

142 Hornchurch Road Hornchurch RM11 1QH

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Best Health Clinics - Hornchurch Essex

Best Health Clinics a private GP service, Aesthetics service and Dental service opened late last year in Hornchurch Essex. 

I visited for a dental check up, scale and polish.  My dentist Aisha was very clam and informative.  She made me comfortable.  The equipment and technology is very up to date and impressive.  My appointment was quick and painless and my teeth were spotless and shiny afterwards.  Aisha also gave me an in depth consultation on my grinding problems which affect all of my teeth.  She gave me some options and affordable ones too.  There is a 0% finance option so as anybody can afford to have attractive teeth.  They have all sorts of dental treatments from whitening, to invisalign braces, crowns, veneers and implants.

Best Health Clinics have a private GP service for quick, convenient and longer appointments. Meningits B and Chickenpox vaccines and Travel Vaccinations. Blood tests, sexual health screening, referrals for scans and to consultants.

Dr Apul is a cosmetic/aesthetic Doctor at Best Health Clinics too offering non surgical solutions.  From anti-wrinkle injections, to lip augmentation and dermal fillers.  He has a good reputation, qualifications and extensive experience in his field.  Again, this can be affordable with a 0% finance option. 

So for people who would like to restore their confidence, Best Heath Clinics is a good option.

58 Billet Lane
RM11 1XA
Call 01708 477577

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Angelic Reiki for wellbeing

I met Donna Mills a Reiki master at a skincare event at Vie Aesthetics in Sothend.  Donna offers the services of Angelic Reiki from the premises of Vie Aesthetics to ease stress and promote overall health.  I am fairly sceptical, but I also like to remain open minded until I try something.  I had a taster session with Donna and felt very relaxed afterwards.  It took me a while for my mind to relax as I have anxiety disorder which makes my thoughts very difficult to block out, but after a while I could feel my mind slowing and relaxing.  I decided to book with Donna again fro a full session at Vie and again felt relaxed afterwards.  At the time of booking I had quite a lot of stress in my life, pain in my back and shoulder and generally felt run down.  During my Reiki session I started to relax, my mind started to slow and my shoulder started to twitch and then relax.  For some reason whenever experiencing Reiki, I see gold colours.  Donna told me that she saw visions of a beach and swimming which is relatable to me as I always imagine my favourite beach in Ibiza when I need to relax and swimming makes me feel free.

Angelic Reiki is a safe and natural way of easing emotional and physical stress.  Angelic Healing and consciousness expansion lights Soul energy, thus bringing through powerful healing from the universe.  Reiki repels negative energy and bring through positive energy to invigorate the soul.

Here is a quote from Donna about Angelic Reiki and the benefits; "I believe the world in which we live our normal day to day lives is difficult. We are often thrown in the deep end of some very painful and life changing situations. I believe that through talking and listening to ourselves and living the way we wish and choose to live along with sharing with others we can help heal ourselves and live a life of peace and fulfilment. Giving the strength to cope with the difficulties we face."
Call Vie Aesthetics Southend to book : 01702617176 / 07899673578