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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Skinade Beautiful Skin From The Inside Out

For some time I've been looking into supplements for the skin to nourish from the inside out and I have tried many.  The one product that I have been the most impressed with is Skinade.

Skinade is a collagen based drink which is recommended by beauty professionals, dermatologists and aesthetics surgeons.  It contains an extensive range of ingredients to help support skin collagen production and good skin health.  With 7000mg of hydrolysed natural marine collagen derived from fish, vitamin C, B vitamins and omega fatty acids this drink promises to hydrate your skin from the inside out by increasing the body's hyaluronic acid which in turn optimises the skin's ability to retain moisture.  (It is advised that you drink lots of plain water daily for this reason).  The recommended daily amount of collagen in the drink triggers the fibroblasts in the skin to fire up and start to work at producing more of the body's natural collagen which is integral to the elastin in the skin thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines.  The vitamin complex helps the overall health of the skin to improve dramatically, along with hair and nails.

You can get it in a ready made drink or concentrated for travel use which you simply add to filtered water and stir.
As this is a liquid supplement it is more readily absorbed by the body meaning that 80-90% of the content will be put to use.  (Tablets tend to have less absorbability - 30-40%, which causes some of the content to pass through the body without the ingredients being used.  If you cannot afford the liquids, then tablets are fine, but you need to take quite a lot of them to get the desired effect).

It is best advised to take this supplement on an empty stomach so as it is not absorbed by stomach enzymes before reaching the intestine.  I take mine at bedtime, at least 3 to 4 hours after my dinner.  The drink itself is very pleasant tasting, peachy with no nasty aftertaste.  I have noticed excellent results since taking Skinade in just the first month.  Usually, I am prone to hormonal break outs on my face and my skin has always looked fairly tired and pale in the mornings.  I also have naturally oily skin, the excess sebum seems to be subsiding a little.  My skin is clearer, softer, firmer, plumper and with a healthy dewy glow.  This drink has also boosted the results of any treatments I've been having so it is great combined with machine facials and other skin treatments.  My fine hair is getting slowly thicker, (less fall), and my nails seem stronger as they were always prone to breaking.  I actually feel more energised and I have also lost some weight.  I don't know whether to attribute this to my new style of healthy eating, the supplements or both but it has happened during the time I've been drinking Skinade. 

Skinade has also been extensively clinically tested with astonishingly positive results.  I have read many wonderful reviews about Skinade and it is rumoured to have celebrity fans such as; Daisy Ridley, Sienna Miller, David Gandy, Kim Kardashian, January Jones and Grace Jones.  I love Skinade and totally recommend it myself.

I have noticed many salons around Essex and London who stock Skinade, it can also be purchased directly from the website or you can find a stockist near you on the website.

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Ultasound Cavation and Radio Frequency at Total Beauty By Lauren - Hornchurch

My mummy tummy is the focus of my attention in the new year so I decided to go locally for some ultrasound cavitation and radio frequency skin tightening at Total Beauty by Lauren in Hornchurch.

The treatment is painless and there is absolutely no down time but you have to work at it with regular exercise, a healthy diet and lots of water.  (I am on a new year healthy diet/detox with lots of fruit, vegetables, drastically reduced carbohydrates and lots and lots of mineral water, so this was not a problem for me).  The treatment works in two stages; the first is the cavitation which reduces the fat cells and the second is skin tightening for that firm effect.   The cavitation literally melts the fat cells, liquidising the problem fat.  This fat is flushed from the system over time through the liver and kidneys, hence lots and lots of water is required.   The radio frequency tightens the  skin by triggering regeneration of collagen deep within the skin and also promises to blast away cellulite.  The beauty of the radio frequency too is that it enhances the "fat blasting" effects of the ultrasound cavitation by assisting the "melted" fat on it's way to it's to the lymphatic system.
I drank a big glass of water prior to the treatment and was measured before I lay down for the cavitation.  Lauren used a the ultrasound machine with ultrasound gel and worked it pummelling it across the whole of my tummy area whilst massaging the area with her other hand.  It gives off a high pitched sound in your ears which is actually very tolerable, other than that it's like a nice massage.  This was done for 45 minutes then the radiofrequency setting was used across the whole of my tummy for a further 30 minutes to tighten my skin around the fat loss.   Only a slight tingling sensation is felt during the treatment, it is totally painless.  Lauren actually said during the last session that my tummy felt completely different to when I first started the treatment as it was very hard and now it's soft as the fat has been liquidised.  This means that any diet followed is bound to work more effectively so it is definitely worth following a healthy eating plan along with this.
This combined treatment works to reduce stretch marks and cellulite, reduce fat and excess water along with toxins and to tighten the skin at the same time making a considerable overall difference visually and physically.
I had 4 of these treatments over the course of 4 weeks and I lost a whopping 7 inches overall, which actually put me down a dress size, with room too!  My husband and children have noticed the difference along with my friends.  Most of all, I feel more confident and seeing less of my mummy tummy is comforting as I have lived with it for so long.  This particular area has been extremely difficult for me to move over the years, I've tried various diets and forms of exercise but this is the best it has looked for a long time.  (I had  2 traumatic C-sections when having my children as they were necessary due to difficulties.  So as you can imagine, I am so happy to have eradicated a lot of the post C-section overhang that triggers bad memories for me). 
I was shown my photos and the difference was remarkable.  My tummy is so much smaller and my skin looks so much better too.
I also saw photos of other clients and the results were amazing, you can judge for yourself on the website.
Lauren also offers other treatments; fat freezing, Russian eyelash extensions, gel and acrylic nails, Lycon waxing, chemical peels, skinrolla using the award winning Medik 8 skincare range and of course botox and fillers with Emma the qualified nurse.  There are also many holistic treatments available and Lipo Angel treatments for skin, face, body, fat, cellulite, stretch marks, scars.  These are all painless with no downtime.
Total Beauty by Lauren
210 High Street
RM12 6QP
01708 455200

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