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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Botox and Lip Filler at KT Training

I have had the pleasure of finding KT Training recently.

There are clinics in Swindon and Harley Street for training delegates.  Models are always required.

I love the girls there, so funny!

Anyway, I felt that my top lip was thinning with age unflatteringly, so I decided to go for it last month properly.  I got dermal filler in the vermillion boarders of my top lip and in in the body of my lip too.  I also had a little in the bleed lines of my bottom lip. 

I was given numbing cream and everything was hygienic.  The dermal filler contains anesthetic too.  It wasn't painful at all.

As soon as it was done, my lips were very pouty as they were also swollen.  now that the swelling has subsided my lips look full and natural.  I'm very happy with them.

My botox has worn off completely, so I booked for that a month after.  I usually have 3 areas.  Eyes and forehead.  The trainer said that my skin is really good and he didn't realise I was in my late 30's!  (That made me very happy!)  I don't need botox on my upper forehead, just above, in between and around my eyes.  This helps with my sinusitis triggered headaches, fine lines around my eyes and gives me a subtle eyelift.  It doesn't hurt at all and no anesthtic is required.  I will see the result in 2 weeks time.  I should look very refreshed.

Now I have a little advice regarding botox, I recommend that a good break is taken in between treatments so as it is allowed to wear off effectively and you use your facial muscles for a while that were relaxed with botox before.  (The reason for this is, I believe that having certain groups of muscles out of use for long periods of time could be potentially harmful, so it is good to use them for a while when the botox does wear off).  Saying that I do believe that if botox is used wisely it can have a preservative effect on your skin.

Here are some prices of treatments available at KT Training;
Botox 3 areas = £100
Dermal filler 1 syringe = £80
Chemical peel - £40
Dermal roller = £40
Liquid face lift = £235
Armpit botox = £120
Also, nose correction and tear trough via dermal filler is £80
Mesotherapy is available - unfortunately, I'm not sure of the price.

Here are booking details for KT Training
London training venue: 90 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HS
KT Medical Aesthetics Training - Head Office
123 Ermin Street
Tanya  01793 323423


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